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We Edit, Proof, and Publish Your Book

If you have written a manuscript, but it has not yet been professionally edited and proofread, and it is either a novel or nonfiction, use the form below to upload a Word file of the manuscript. We will review it and quote a fee for professionally editing it and proofing it. The amount will depend on the length of your manuscript and the amount of editing that will be required. For example, our fee for editing and proofing a 60,000-word manuscript typically ranges between $600 and $1800.


Then, once you have reviewed and approved the edited and proofread manuscript, we will publish your book the traditional way and pay you a royalty on sales that matches or exceeds that paid by other major publishers. All the details will be spelled out in a formal Letter of Agreement.


In addition to uploading your manuscript using the form below, please tell us about your book. Give us a brief synopsis or overview. What genre is it? What is the target audience? What plans, if any, do you have to promote the book? If it is nonfiction, what qualifications to you have to have written this book? Do you have a platform or a large number of followers?


The more information you can give us, the better.

Use this form to send us your manuscript and to tell us about your book. We will review it and get back to you as soon as we can.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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