Frequently asked questions:

Q: What types of books do you work with?

A: We deal with fiction, business management, nonfiction, self help, inspirational, and autobiographical titles. We display a number of business management, self-help and how-to titles on this website. If you would like to see more, go to and type Oaklea Press into the search bar. Our many titles will appear.


Q: How much do you charge for publishing or ghostwriting a book?


A: If you have a manuscript that has been edited, proofread, and is ready to be typeset, depending on the book's length and complexity, it may cost you as little as $500 for us to typeset, design a cover, and publish your book. Email us a Word file of the manuscript and we will quote a price. 


If you have a draft that needs proofing and polishing, depending on the complexity of the job to be done, the cost may be as little as $1200 for a 40,000 word book and slightly more for a longer one. Send us your manuscript and we will quote a cost for turning it into a publishable book.


If your book is to be ghostwritten from scratch, the cost may be as little as $12,500 for a 25,000 to 50,000 word book and slightly more for a longer one, depending on the subject matter and assuming you can provide enough material verbally or in written form. Please get in touch and let's discuss your project. We will quote a firm price once we have a handle on what will be involved.

Q. What if I have another publisher in mind or want to self-publish the book, will those prices still hold? 

A. We will be happy to work with you if you plan to publish the book yourself or if you have a contract with or want to use a different publisher, but we will need to charge more for our services since there will be no income to us on book sales. Let's discuss your project. Once we know what is involved, we will quote a price.


Q: What about promotion of the book?


Oaklea Press has all the tools and knowhow to promote your book. What this will cost will depend on what and  how much you want us to do. Perhaps you are a capable marketer and want to do it all yourself. That's fine. If you want help, we will be glad to give you a proposal to fit your budget.


Q: Will I earn royalties on my book?


Of course you will earn royalties. If Oaklea Press publishes your book, you will receive the same royalties on sales that any author would earn from any other established book publisher.


Q: What is involved in the editing or ghostwriting process?


A: We will produce a finished, polished manuscript from either a raw manuscript, a rough draft, notes, audio tapes, telephone conversations, face-to-face or Facetime interviews with you, printed information you can provide, or other materials provided by you.


Q: How long does the process take?


A: Ghostwriting or comprehensive editing usually takes from six weeks to six months, depending on the subject matter and how much material you can provide at the outset of the project.


Q: How can I get a price quote?


A: Go to the Contact Us page of this website and send us a note to start the conversation. Please put “Ghostwriting” or “Book Query” in the subject line. We will be in touch to discuss your project. Once we know your needs and what you have in mind, we will quote a price.