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Our Publisher, Stephen Hawley Martin, aka Steve Martin, is an award-winning author and a former principal of the ad agency that created the GEICO Gecko and "Virginia is for Lovers." He is also our Editor and Ghostwriter. 


Steve reviews all submissions and works directly with Oaklea Press authors to bring their work to market. He has authored five novels under his own name, half a dozen books on business topics, and a number of self help and metaphysical titles. In all, he has authored more than three dozen books. In addition, he has ghostwritten a number of memoirs for individuals as well as self help and business books. He has edited quite a few novels as well as books on religious and spiritual topics.


Listed in Who's Who in America, Steve is the world's only three-time winner of the Writer's Digest Book Award. In addition, he as won First Prize for Visionary Fiction from Independent Publisher magazine and First Prize for Nonfiction from USA Book News. 


If you would like to talk with Steve about possibly ghostwriting for you, use the form below to send him an email. He will get in touch with you to set up a Zoom or telephone call to talk about it.

What if I have a draft of a book?


If you have a complete or a partial manuscript, use the form below. Tell him what your book is about and attach a Word file of the manuscript. If he believes it’s ready for publication and he that it has sales potential, he may offer you a publishing contract with The Oaklea Press. If he believes it needs editing, he will let you know and quote a fee for doing so.


If Steve ghostwrites or edits a book for me, do I have to publish it through The Oaklea Press?


You will have the option to do so, but you can use another publisher or self-publish your manuscript if you wish. However, keep in mind that The Oaklea Press will pay you a royalty on sales of your book that matches or exceeds that paid by other major publishers.


How long does it typically take for Steve to ghostwrite or edit a book?


Usually it takes from two to six months to ghostwrite a book if Stephen is starting from scratch. Editing a manuscript can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.


How much does editing and ghostwriting typically cost?


The amount varies, depending on the amount of work that will be required. The fee for ghostwriting a book typically falls  between $8,000 and $15,000. Editing much less and usually falls between $1200 and $2500 for a 60,000 word manuscript. These amounts include designing the book's interior and cover, and publishing the book on Amazon and other venues.

Send Stephen an email. Tell him about your book and upload the manuscript, or let him know you want to talk to him about ghostwriting a book.

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Thanks for submitting!

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