The Cooperative Way to Publish Your Book

Perhaps your manuscript needs work, or maybe your book is a family history or a memoir with a limited market. Maybe you haven’t yet developed a platform, a following, or a lot of ideas about how to market your book. If that’s the case, you will likely benefit from our assistance, which makes you a candidate for publishing your book the cooperative way. 


Use the contact form below to let us know of your interest in the cooperative method. We will answer with a return email and an email address where you can send us a Word file of your manuscript.


As soon as we receive the file, we will evaluate your work to determine what will be needed to bring your book to market. Then, we will email you a written proposal containing that information. This proposal will also explain how we intend to promote your book, and what will be required on your part in order to move ahead.


Once we are in agreement, we will edit and proofread the text, design a cover and the interior, set the type, and send everything to you to look over and approve before we go to press. 


After you sign off on what we have sent, we will publish your book and make it available to book lovers worldwide. You will then be able to buy as many copies of your book as you wish at the wholesale price of 50% of the cover price, plus shipping. You will be free to sell these copies at book signings or to use them in any way you wish 


In addition, you will receive 100% of the profits from sales of your book. This will continue until you have fully recouped your investment. Once that milestone has been passed, we will pay you the standard royalty going forward.


You have nothing to lose by getting in touch and will be under no obligation until you make a commitment. 


So please use the form below.

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and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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