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The Martin Management Method by Stephen Hawley Martin & James Shannon Maxwell

The Martin Management Method by Stephen Hawley Martin & James Shannon Maxwell
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Name: The Martin Management Method by Stephen Hawley Martin & James Shannon Maxwell
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About the Book:

The late David Martin and his brother Stephen took a small, local ad firm, founded as Martin & Woltz and renamed The Martin Agency, to national prominence. Before they sold it, the firm was cited as the “Hottest in the Southeast” by ADWEEK magazine. Later it was named “Ad Agency of the Year” for the entire USA. Recently, Forbes magazine selected it as one of the “Ten Great Ad Agencies of 2012.”

The Martin brothers learned a great deal growing their business––not only what worked for them and what did not, but also how other companies––their clients––operated their businesses and what it took to help them to the next level. They used that knowledge to develop what they call The Martin Management Method, and they started a firm called Martin Partners to share it.

Now Stephen has teamed with his partner Jim Maxwell to pen a book that details the Martin Method.

What does the method entail?

A vision of what a business can be, and a clear identity, are key elements. Their book explains the process used to put a finger on a vision and an identity and bring them into focus. But the process goes further to insure leaders and staff actually live the vision by creating a structure or framework made up of a few simple rules involving scorecards, action registers, and interlocking teams.

Once structure is in place, everyone knows what he or she must do to succeed personally, and what must be done for the business or organization to win. Martin and Maxwell say their process makes each individual accountable and thereby creates a sense of urgency in each to get things done.

Because it’s so powerful, they believe that in a few short years most companies will have adopted their method.

In the meantime, why not have yours be among the first? This book shows the way.


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